What stars really say about hotel quality

Hotels and vacation rentals can have up to five stars. But what distinguishes houses with two stars from those with four stars? We provide insight into the evaluation criteria

If you are looking for a hotel online or in a travel agency, you are not reaching for the stars. But he pays attention to their number. “They are the hotel’s currency,” says Markus Luthe, Managing Director of Dehoga German Hotel Classification. In Germany, this society monitors the criteria according to which stars are awarded.

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Vietnam opens the longest glass bridge in the world

Adrenaline rush for those with a head for heights: The probably longest glass bridge in the world has been inaugurated in the highlands of Vietnam – it stretches over 632 meters

The inauguration of the bridge is said to be one of the main tourist highlights of the province. In the second half of the 2010s in particular, tourism in Vietnam rose sharply. In 2019, the previous record was over 18 million tourists. Due to the corona pandemic, the numbers have fallen dramatically.

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Baggage damage: The 10 airlines with the highest risk

A suitcase that arrives damaged or broken on the baggage carousel – that can spoil the holiday mood. An evaluation now shows which airlines have a particularly high risk of luggage being damaged.

Dents, scratches, torn areas – and in the worst case, not only the case is broken, but also the contents. If you don’t just fly on vacation with hand luggage, you have to leave your luggage in someone else’s hands. However, the workers at the airport do not always handle suitcases, travel bags, rucksacks and the like with care.

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Where Are The Safest Countries for Gay Travelers?

Where can gay, lesbian, trans and intersex people go without worrying? The “Gay Travel Index 2021” shows which countries are safe for them to vacation in – and which are not.

For gays and lesbians, planning a trip is not just about the most beautiful place. It is also important where it is safest for them. Because there are still anti-homo laws in many countries and regions, and in some homosexuals are even threatened with the death penalty.

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Night Trains from Germany to Stockholm

Board the train, fall asleep in the cozy sleeper and wake up at your destination: there is something nostalgic and magical about a night train journey. We will show you an overview of the exciting new routes planned in Europe from 2022.

On the night train to Stockholm: This is possible from September 1, 2022 with the Swedish railway company SJ. The so-called SJ EuroNight runs daily, ticket sales have already started online and are also offered via various European sales channels.

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Love Beer Urban Art Hotel, Bavaria

Art as far as the eye can see – that’s what travelers can expect at the Liebesbier Urban Art Hotel , which opened on January 1, 2022 in Bayreuth on the Maisel & Friends brewery site. More than 67 rooms and nine apartments have been individually designed by over 50 urban artists from all over the world. The artists have provided for colorful and artistically designed interior and exterior walls of the hotel.

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