Why sleeping on a plane can be dangerous

Are you the type of person who sleeps peacefully before the plane takes off? A doctor has now explained why sleeping on a plane is not safe.

I usually book my flights to vacation very early in order to have something left over from the day when I am there. In order not to arrive completely exhausted at the destination, I take care of sleeping on the plane. Personally, I have never thought about the fact that this could even be dangerous. You can read in this article why a doctor is now warning of this.

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The best amusement parks in Germany

Spring is coming and many people are taking this opportunity to do a lot more outdoors. The amusement parks are now also noticing this, because as soon as the temperatures rise, the line at the entrance gets longer and longer. But which amusement park in Germany is worth the most?

I love amusement parks and can’t walk past a roller coaster or other ride without taking a spin. The more adrenaline the better. But it’s not just me, as the queues in front of the amusement parks show just in time for the beginning of spring. But which of them are really worth it? The travel portal Travelcircus asked itself this question and published a ranking of the best amusement parks in Germany . You can find the results in this article.

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10 worst airports in the world 

Before you can look forward to your long-awaited vacation, you have to be prepared for long waiting times at the airport. A new ranking has now revealed that not every airport is nice and clean.

Would you like to avoid bad airports in the future and only fly from places that shine with cleanliness and comfort? Then you should take a closer look at the latest ranking of the German air passenger rights portal Airhelp. Every year it compiles a ranking of the best and worst airports in the world. In this article you can find out which European countries are at the top of the ranking. 

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Why you shouldn’t use toilet paper on a plane

Going to the toilet and not using the toilet paper afterwards is unthinkable for me. A stewardess has now revealed why you should do this on the plane.

I personally avoid going to the toilet when traveling by plane. Not only is the toilet on the plane incredibly small, but many airlines are not so particular about hygiene. On long-haul flights, however, it is not feasible to go without a visit to the toilet for several hours. Using the toilet paper afterwards should be a matter of course. In this article, you will find out why a stewardess is now warning of this.

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Covid-19 PCR Test Clinics in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_country}}

Covid Test in {{mpg_city}}

The Corona virus has a significant impact on all of our lives, and to contain the pandemic, everyone matters. Regular Corona testing is an effective way to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

Some clinics offer corona testing at affordable prices, without long waiting times in {{mpg_city}}.

We listed some clinics for corona testing (PCR testing, rapid antigen testing and rapid antibody testing)

PCR test for travel in {{mpg_city}}

The PCR test is mandatory for travel in more and more regions. Please inform yourself about the exact requirements in your destination country regarding how long before travel the Corona test must be done and whether the ID card or passport ID should be verified and printed on the result. 

You will usually receive the result of the PCR test the following day at the latest, often even on the same day. If you need it faster, we recommend the Express PCR test, where you will receive the result within 3 hours.

Certified, high-quality tests

Only selected, certified Corona tests and high-quality materials are used in the selection of tests.

Where Can I Get a PCR Test in {{mpg_city}}?

The patient can go to the medical biology laboratory of his choice, but he must check beforehand if this laboratory is equipped to perform Covid-19 screening tests.

The list of laboratories that perform these tests is available on this page.

The physician who ordered the screening test or the Health Insurance teams can also refer the patient to the laboratory closest to his or her home. Mobile sampling teams that travel to patients’ homes may also be mobilized when necessary.

The laboratories that perform Covid-19 screening tests have set up a specific organization to take care of patients while respecting barrier procedures (opening of dedicated time slots for Covid-19 tests, online appointment scheduling, etc.). Information should be obtained directly from the laboratory, either online or by telephone.

When making an PCR Test appointment in {{mpg_city}}, identification information (last name, first name, etc.) may be requested to pre-populate the patient’s administrative file and limit the time spent in the laboratory and the associated risks of contamination. The information will be recorded in the Covid-19 national screening monitoring information system (SI-DEP) to enable the follow-up of patients diagnosed as positive and their contacts and thus fight against the spread of the epidemic.

When Can I Get the Result of the PCR Test in {{mpg_city}}?

The time it takes to obtain the PCR test results in {{mpg_city}} depends on each medical laboratory.

The results will be sent to the patient and his or her physician either :

  • by the laboratory according to the usual methods of communicating results (digital laboratory platform, telephone, etc.),
  • by national information system for monitoring Covid-19 screening

While waiting for the results of the test, it is recommended to remain isolated at home, limiting outside contact and rigorously applying barrier measures.

In case of a negative result, it is important to continue to strictly observe the barrier measures.

In case of a positive result, the laboratory will inform you of the result. In case of a positive result, with or without variant, isolation is recommended.

How to do a PCR test without an appointment?

Many testing sites offer walk-in PCR testing in {{mpg_city}}. In some temporary centers, testing is done all week and only without an appointment. Some medical laboratories may offer specific time slots. All the PCR Test clinics in {{mpg_city}} are listed on our page.

It should be noted that the number of people waiting in the test centers can be high, and you should be prepared to wait a while before being seen by a health professional if you wish to have an RT-PCR test without an appointment. Please book an PCR Test appointment before you go to the test center.

Other Locations

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PCR Test in Roseville, United States
PCR Test in Nipomo, United States
PCR Test in Nottingham, United Kingdom
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PCR Test in South Lake Tahoe, United States
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PCR Test in Little Elm, United States

What stars really say about hotel quality

Hotels and vacation rentals can have up to five stars. But what distinguishes houses with two stars from those with four stars? We provide insight into the evaluation criteria

If you are looking for a hotel online or in a travel agency, you are not reaching for the stars. But he pays attention to their number. “They are the hotel’s currency,” says Markus Luthe, Managing Director of Dehoga German Hotel Classification. In Germany, this society monitors the criteria according to which stars are awarded.

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Vietnam opens the longest glass bridge in the world

Adrenaline rush for those with a head for heights: The probably longest glass bridge in the world has been inaugurated in the highlands of Vietnam – it stretches over 632 meters

The inauguration of the bridge is said to be one of the main tourist highlights of the province. In the second half of the 2010s in particular, tourism in Vietnam rose sharply. In 2019, the previous record was over 18 million tourists. Due to the corona pandemic, the numbers have fallen dramatically.

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Baggage damage: The 10 airlines with the highest risk

A suitcase that arrives damaged or broken on the baggage carousel – that can spoil the holiday mood. An evaluation now shows which airlines have a particularly high risk of luggage being damaged.

Dents, scratches, torn areas – and in the worst case, not only the case is broken, but also the contents. If you don’t just fly on vacation with hand luggage, you have to leave your luggage in someone else’s hands. However, the workers at the airport do not always handle suitcases, travel bags, rucksacks and the like with care.

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