10 worst airports in the world 

Before you can look forward to your long-awaited vacation, you have to be prepared for long waiting times at the airport. A new ranking has now revealed that not every airport is nice and clean.

Would you like to avoid bad airports in the future and only fly from places that shine with cleanliness and comfort? Then you should take a closer look at the latest ranking of the German air passenger rights portal Airhelp. Every year it compiles a ranking of the best and worst airports in the world. In this article you can find out which European countries are at the top of the ranking. 

The worst airports in the world: the criteria 

Airhelp has been scrutinizing airports worldwide for seven years now and not only chooses the worst airports in the world, but also the best. The airports can achieve the maximum number of ten points in three criteria. Attention is not only paid to punctuality, but also to the quality of service, the range of food and the large number of shops.

The punctuality factor is weighted the most with over 60 percent, followed by service quality with 20 percent, closely followed by the criterion of food and shops, also with 20 percent. In order to be able to evaluate everything precisely , over a thousand passengers are asked for their opinion. According to its own statements, the passenger rights portal restricts its ranking to only the “best-known and most-used airports in the world.” 

Top 10: These are the worst airports in the world 

But which airport was able to get the unpopular first place this year? According to Airhelp , the “victory” went to Lisbon International Airport: Humberto Delgado. Before the corona pandemic, over 60 million passengers were handled here.

With 4.7 out of 10 points, the airport could not shine with punctuality. Although the passengers were satisfied with the quality of service (7.4) and the range of food (7.4), these criteria are not rated as highly as punctuality. 

In addition to Lisbon, the ranking also revealed that the airport is not the only airport in Europe. In addition to Portugal, there are seven other European cities among the worst airports in the world. 

List of Top 10 worst airports;

  1. Humberto Delgado Airport, Lisbon (Portugal) 
  2. Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait (Kuwait) 
  3. Eindhoven Airport, Eindhoven (Netherlands) 
  4. Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest (Romania) 
  5. Malta International Airport, Malta (Malta) 
  6. Manchester Airport, Manchester (UK) 
  7. Paris Orly Airport, Paris (France) 
  8. Porto Airport, Porto (Portugal) 
  9. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto (Canada) 
  10. London Gatwick Airport, London (UK)