10 worst airports in the world 

Before you can look forward to your long-awaited vacation, you have to be prepared for long waiting times at the airport. A new ranking has now revealed that not every airport is nice and clean.

Would you like to avoid bad airports in the future and only fly from places that shine with cleanliness and comfort? Then you should take a closer look at the latest ranking of the German air passenger rights portal Airhelp. Every year it compiles a ranking of the best and worst airports in the world. In this article you can find out which European countries are at the top of the ranking. 

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Why you shouldn’t use toilet paper on a plane

Going to the toilet and not using the toilet paper afterwards is unthinkable for me. A stewardess has now revealed why you should do this on the plane.

I personally avoid going to the toilet when traveling by plane. Not only is the toilet on the plane incredibly small, but many airlines are not so particular about hygiene. On long-haul flights, however, it is not feasible to go without a visit to the toilet for several hours. Using the toilet paper afterwards should be a matter of course. In this article, you will find out why a stewardess is now warning of this.

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Baggage damage: The 10 airlines with the highest risk

A suitcase that arrives damaged or broken on the baggage carousel – that can spoil the holiday mood. An evaluation now shows which airlines have a particularly high risk of luggage being damaged.

Dents, scratches, torn areas – and in the worst case, not only the case is broken, but also the contents. If you don’t just fly on vacation with hand luggage, you have to leave your luggage in someone else’s hands. However, the workers at the airport do not always handle suitcases, travel bags, rucksacks and the like with care.

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Why pilots are not allowed to talk to each other in the cockpit?

Air travel can get pretty boring at times. But even if there are usually two people sitting in the cockpit, talking is strictly forbidden during take-off and landing.

We spend most of the day with our colleagues and from time to time we have a nice conversation during working hours, which you don’t want to miss anymore. As a pilot, you are not always allowed to do that, so strict rules apply in the cockpit when it comes to private topics of conversation. Here you can read why there is an absolute ban on speaking during take-off and landing and what the Sterile Cockpit Rule has to do with it.

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport reopens the terminal

Terminal 2G at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is back in operation. All Schengen flights of the Air France subsidiary Hop, for example from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Nuremberg and Stuttgart, start and land there. The terminal, which was closed due to the pandemic, is now freshly renovated.