Why sleeping on a plane can be dangerous

Are you the type of person who sleeps peacefully before the plane takes off? A doctor has now explained why sleeping on a plane is not safe.

I usually book my flights to vacation very early in order to have something left over from the day when I am there. In order not to arrive completely exhausted at the destination, I take care of sleeping on the plane. Personally, I have never thought about the fact that this could even be dangerous. You can read in this article why a doctor is now warning of this.

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The best amusement parks in Germany

Spring is coming and many people are taking this opportunity to do a lot more outdoors. The amusement parks are now also noticing this, because as soon as the temperatures rise, the line at the entrance gets longer and longer. But which amusement park in Germany is worth the most?

I love amusement parks and can’t walk past a roller coaster or other ride without taking a spin. The more adrenaline the better. But it’s not just me, as the queues in front of the amusement parks show just in time for the beginning of spring. But which of them are really worth it? The travel portal Travelcircus asked itself this question and published a ranking of the best amusement parks in Germany . You can find the results in this article.

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Where Are The Safest Countries for Gay Travelers?

Where can gay, lesbian, trans and intersex people go without worrying? The “Gay Travel Index 2021” shows which countries are safe for them to vacation in – and which are not.

For gays and lesbians, planning a trip is not just about the most beautiful place. It is also important where it is safest for them. Because there are still anti-homo laws in many countries and regions, and in some homosexuals are even threatened with the death penalty.

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Night Trains from Germany to Stockholm

Board the train, fall asleep in the cozy sleeper and wake up at your destination: there is something nostalgic and magical about a night train journey. We will show you an overview of the exciting new routes planned in Europe from 2022.

On the night train to Stockholm: This is possible from September 1, 2022 with the Swedish railway company SJ. The so-called SJ EuroNight runs daily, ticket sales have already started online and are also offered via various European sales channels.

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