Vietnam opens the longest glass bridge in the world

Adrenaline rush for those with a head for heights: The probably longest glass bridge in the world has been inaugurated in the highlands of Vietnam – it stretches over 632 meters

The inauguration of the bridge is said to be one of the main tourist highlights of the province. In the second half of the 2010s in particular, tourism in Vietnam rose sharply. In 2019, the previous record was over 18 million tourists. Due to the corona pandemic, the numbers have fallen dramatically.

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Rent a houseboat: cool accommodation in Germany

Conventional accommodations are a thing of the past: holidaymakers experience Germany from a new perspective on a houseboat. The travel reporter shows six special floating accommodations in the country.

A holiday on a houseboat is a cult. Because similar to a caravan, a floating accommodation is often a means of transport and a temporary home at the same time. It’s no wonder that offers of this kind in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden or France are usually fully booked in a flash.

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All tips for a dream vacation in Turkey 2022

Are you planning a holiday in Turkey and don’t really know what to look out for when booking, how to get there or which is the most beautiful beach in the country? We have the information for you.

In the summer, thousands of Germans are drawn to the south-east of Europe every year – the beaches of Turkey are particularly popular with holidaymakers . Many tourists take advantage of the country’s many all-inclusive offers and really enjoy themselves.

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The most dangerous countries 2022: Taking a vacation in these countries is risky

Are you looking for a new holiday destination? In addition to sights and delicious restaurants, research on the security of the country is essential.

When planning a holiday, hotels, beautiful sandy beaches or breathtaking architecture are at the top of the list. Especially if you decide to go on a long-distance trip away from Europe, you should also deal with the dangers of the potential destination country. You can find out here which 56 countries are particularly dangerous in 2022 .

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Tipping on vacation: You should avoid tipping in these 4 countries

Tipping is not always well received on vacation. In this article you will find out in which countries you should rather forego a financial thank you.

Every time I travel to another country, I ask myself how much I should tip for various services while on vacation. So my thoughts usually start in the taxi and then continue in the hotel to the numerous restaurant visits that you do on vacation. So that you don’t have to worry about it on your next trip, we have researched for you in which popular travel countries tipping is rather unusual.

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Pink Sand Beaches in the World

The holiday season is just around the corner and many people long for sun, sand and sea. So how about something really special this year?

Forget white sandy beaches: your next vacation should have turquoise waters and pink beaches. While the images on social media may look like they were photoshopped by a pro, these beautiful beaches are real. In this article you can find out which pink beach you should not miss for your next trip.

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Travel sustainably: How to take care of the environment on vacation

You would like to do more for the environment and live more sustainably from this year, but you love traveling and don’t want to do without it? We’ll show you how to reconcile both.

Anyone who wants to pay attention to the environment in the future should also do so when travelling. Flying is the most climate-damaging way of getting around and should therefore only be used if there are no alternatives.

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Turkish government sells beaches to private investors

Four bays on the Gulf of Fethiye on the Turkish Riviera are said to have already gone to private investors, with 19 more to follow. The contracts should be dated for ten years. Sailors who were previously allowed to anchor there free of charge could be asked to pay by the new owners.

There is objection from the communities in the region. Among other things, they fear for the archaeological sites and would rather pursue projects that are geared towards the common good than leave the development to private owners.

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