The best amusement parks in Germany

Spring is coming and many people are taking this opportunity to do a lot more outdoors. The amusement parks are now also noticing this, because as soon as the temperatures rise, the line at the entrance gets longer and longer. But which amusement park in Germany is worth the most?

I love amusement parks and can’t walk past a roller coaster or other ride without taking a spin. The more adrenaline the better. But it’s not just me, as the queues in front of the amusement parks show just in time for the beginning of spring. But which of them are really worth it? The travel portal Travelcircus asked itself this question and published a ranking of the best amusement parks in Germany . You can find the results in this article.

The best amusement parks in Germany: These 3 are worth a visit

Are you looking for a cool activity for the weekend or for a day off during the week? If you like action and adrenaline like me, then you might want to consider a visit to an amusement park. The selection in Germany is now very large and you can easily reach it from any major German city. But not every amusement park is worthwhile, as Travelcircus found out.

The travel portal tested a total of 44 amusement facilities in Germany to find out the best amusement park in Germany. Not only the admission prices and the price-performance ratio played a role in the ranking, but also the reviews on Google, the search volume of the last two years and very important for amusement parks: the fun factor! Which amusement park did particularly well in this ranking and came closest to the maximum score of 25 points:

1. Europa Park, Rust

With a score of 23.46, Europa-Park in Rust was able to get the crown and won the Travelcircus ranking. However, this was not the first time. The amusement park has already won the Traveler Choice Awards from Tripadvisor and was also voted the best amusement park in Germany by Travelbook readers.

So it’s no wonder that millions of people visit the amusement park every year. With over 100 attractions, Europa-Park offers fun for young and old and is also very popular with visitors in Switzerland and France.

2. Hansa Park, Sierksdorf

Last year Hansa-Park took fifth place, this year it just missed first place with 21.72 points. In addition to the various rides, such as the bear cave or the Crazy Mine roller coaster , the ratings on Google and the price-performance ratio are particularly noteworthy .

3. Heide Park, Soltau

Just like last year, Heide Park was able to take third place with 21.30 points. The amusement park most likely owes this to the incredible wooden roller coaster Colossos , which is a must for adrenaline junkies. In addition to various rides for adults, Heide Park also offers a lot of attractions for children.