Why you shouldn’t use toilet paper on a plane

Going to the toilet and not using the toilet paper afterwards is unthinkable for me. A stewardess has now revealed why you should do this on the plane.

I personally avoid going to the toilet when traveling by plane. Not only is the toilet on the plane incredibly small, but many airlines are not so particular about hygiene. On long-haul flights, however, it is not feasible to go without a visit to the toilet for several hours. Using the toilet paper afterwards should be a matter of course. In this article, you will find out why a stewardess is now warning of this.

Toilet paper on the plane: the stewardess advises against it

After we’ve done our business, we automatically reach for the toilet paper to clean underneath. A stewardess from America has now sounded the alarm on TikTok and advises everyone not to use toilet paper on the plane. “Use the handkerchiefs” – the paper towels that are above the sink in the toilet stall – “and not the toilet paper!” TikToker Brenda Orelus said on her channel. 

The reason she warns against it is incredibly gross and unsanitary. According to the stewardess, there may be urine splashes from other passengers on the toilet paper, thanks to the small cabin. During her time as a flight attendant, Brenda has often noticed how little boys in particular can not cope with the movements of the plane. The result: while peeing standing up, urine splashes don’t end up in the toilet, but on the paper. 

Foreign urine: are we damaging our health?

We can probably all agree that urine on toilet paper is anything but appetizing, but what about the health aspect? The travel magazine Travelbook asked this question to the urologist Dr. medical Christopher Pies asked. According to Pies, there is no need to worry because there are normally no pathogenic substances in the urine and therefore he sees no risk of infection in the situation described. 

Tips for the next visit to the toilet on the plane

After the stewardess’ confession, are you disgusted to use the toilet paper on the plane? Then you should follow a few tips to make sure that there is no foreign urine on the paper. You can feel in advance whether the toilet paper on the plane is damp or has wet stains on it. To be really on the safe side, you can also take wet wipes with you, they fit perfectly in your hand luggage or in your handbag.